Secret Language

An intoxicating mix of dance grooves, soft yielding mantra-like Rumi songs, and readings from the mystic master poet, Jelaluddin Rumi, designed to invite the listener to celebrate, relax and fall inside.

Sufi mystic poet Jelaluddin Rumi, born more than 700 years ago, is now one of the most popular poets in the world. Rumi’s poems strike chords of spiritual longing and love in so many of us – including me. My love of his work led to this website, and my production of a CD of Rumi’s poems set to music. The CD is entitled Secret Language – Rumi – A Celebration in Song.

Each Rumi poem I heard or read sparked a song in me – they simply arose. And those who heard them encouraged me to record them. I sought permission from Coleman Barks, one of the foremost of Rumi’s translators in the West, to use his beautiful translations of Rumi’s work. With his blessing, I used these poems of Rumi as the lyrics for each of these “Rumi songs”.

Together with a group of musicians who also love Rumi poems, including singer Laurie Burke, and producer Kit Walker, I created this collection of Rumi songs for your listening, dancing and singing pleasure.

If you’ve found this site, I’m guessing you also love the poems of Rumi. I invite you to listen to excerpts from these songs right here on the site. It’s my joy to share the magic of Rumi with you. These poems made my heart sing – and the rest of me soon followed! I hope the songs do the same for you.

With love and blessings,


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